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 where every body is a worthy body

confidence is sexy. Even if you aren't sure where yours is, we are here to help you find it.

Boudoir is not just for thin people. It's not just for young people. It's not just for women who haven't given birth. It's for EVERY one. At every stage of life. We are sensual creatures throughout our entire adult lives. We are here to help you embrace it, to celebrate it and to give you the ultimate self love experience that you deserve.

Kitchener, Ontario
 Luxury Boudoir Studio

boudoir isn't about being sexy for men.
 It's about self love.

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I hear a lot of objections when it comes to why women are waiting to do a boudoir session. I'm too fat, too old, I'm not curvy enough, I don't look like a lingerie model, I have cellulite, I have stretch marks, I have scars. The list goes on and on.  TRUTH TIME. 99% of Victoria Secret models are photoshopped, 80% of all people have stretch marks, 80% of women have cellulite, the average clothing size is 16-18. Those scars? They tell a part of your story, that story is beautiful.

Truth is you are a person, people come in all shapes and sizes and we aren't all meant to be the same! You have always been enough. You have always been worthy.  The most important thing you can be in this world is yourself! Maybe your self love game is strong, maybe it's in progress still. Either way, I'm your hype girl, let me make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Then let the photos prove to you how beautiful you truly are.

About Amy

Hygge- the danish word meaning a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well- being; is my ideal state of being. I love nothing more than being at home, with my man and my dog, binge watching netflix in pyjamas with a great smelling candle burning and a latte in my hands. 
I also run a wedding, family, maternity and newborn business, you can check me out here. 

I haven't always been a person who loved herself, it is a process, and not always an easy one. But the feeling I get when women look at their images and realize how amazing and beautiful they are really fills my cup. Empowering other women is incredible.  

My clients come from all walks of life, they are all ages, all sizes, all ethnicities. They often tell me their stories, stories of struggling with eating disorders, struggling with a new body after childbirth, struggling accepting their body as it is. They also tell me stories of acceptance, and self love, and what it's like to finally love the skin they are in. What I've learned through all of this is that we are a lot more similar than I ever thought. I always felt alone in my struggles, alone with my thoughts, I felt that it wasn't acceptable for me to even like myself the way I was, that because I had some extra pounds I was supposed to hate myself and punish myself until I looked a certain way.  This job has shown me that it's okay to be who I am, it's okay to give myself grace and treat myself with love and kindness. My hopes are that I can help other women feel this way as well. You are not alone!


The Experience

Go Ahead And Treat Yo' Self

+ Professional Hair and Makeup
+ Access to our 250+ Piece Client Closet  (xs-5x)
+ Expertly Guided Posing + Confidence Boosting Shoot
+ Professional Retouching
+ Wardrobe Consultation
+ Studio Prep Guide
+ Same Day Image Reveal & Product Ordering Session

$450 Session Retainer Due to Book; Images & Products are Sold Separate and begin at $1100. 

From the mountains

to the beaches, we love it all.

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Amy made me feel so comfortable and confident in what was my first ever experience doing a boudoir photoshoot. I felt seen, heard and our session really empowered me and my self-confidence towards my body after 3 kids. I truly enjoyed this experience and would recommend her to every woman desiring an experience like this! The photos turned out STUNNING! So happy with them. THANK YOU!

I've had the best experience while shooting boudoir with Amy! Her professionalism and class is what caught my eye in the first place. Once I got the chance to meet her and shoot, I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed, as if I had known her forever. She has amazing attention to detail and gave me confidence I never knew I had. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish and I will always cherish the photos and memories. Highly recommend!

Amy is absolutely amazing! I 110% recommend her services! I am always impressed with my final product and will continue to hire her. I had my first boudoir experience and being very self conscious, she made me feel confident and empowered. Very classic and comfortable. Highly recommend and cannot say that enough!!! 

Amy is an absolute master at her craft!

 From the moment I walked into her (stunning) studio, I felt at ease and more confident then I have in a long time. She made me feel comfortable with step by step instructions of how to pose, where to look, helping me pick the best outfits and access to her HUGE client closet. I absolutely love the moodiness of the pictures which highlight all your best assets. I felt sexy and beautiful and left the session feeling more confident than ever.  To anyone debating doing this because of fear, or self confidence... don't! She honestly makes the whole experience relaxed, comfortable and like you are catching up with a friend.  - Always ensuring that you feel confident like the superwoman you truly are! 


feel like one!

Empowering every woman in every BODY. I believe all bodies deserve to be celebrated, in whatever stage of life you are in right now, your current body is a perfect body.  You, my friend are worthy!