What should I bring with me?

We ask everyone to bring a black thong, a black bra, and at least one piece of lingerie or outfit that they feel good in. While we do have an extensive client closet, everyone's bodies do fit differently and we want to make sure you have a few things that fit well just incase! 

How do I prep for my session?

  • About a month before your session start stretching, exfoliating your face and body, moisturizing and drinking lots of water
  • Spray tans/ real tans - for the love of coffee please do not spray tan before your session. It is near impossible to get a natural skin tone and spray tan often stains our furniture and sheets. Our editing already adds a bit of colour to you so no one is going to be looking pastie. Real tans- again, please do not lay out in the sun without lots of sunscreen before the session - we do not fix tan lines in photoshop, nor do we fix sunburns - and we do charge to reschedule a session if you end up getting burnt.  Just say yes to SPF and shade!
  • Body hair removal - remove what you want, how you want, but if waxing be sure to do so at least 3 days before your session.  Brows, pits, kitty and don't forget the back door if planning on wearing a thong or doing nudes. If you don't remove body hair no worries, au natural is fine too - just keep in mind we don't photoshop hairs out.
  • The day before the session  make sure you get a good nights sleep, stretch and have your bag packed and ready to go. Check your GPS so you know how long it will take.
  • The day of the session, please be sure to arrive with a clean face, and clean dry hair.  Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing - including bra, undies, pants and socks! You don't want to have indents in your skin when we start shooting (another very good reason to make sure you are properly hydrated!). 

DO I have to get nude?

Nope! You sure don't! But lots of people do! We want people to be comfortable at all times, and there is never any pressure. You can change your mind at any time as well!  There is also the option of using a sheet to cover parts as well.  If you do choose to do nudes, we only do tasteful artistic nudes, we will show breasts and bums and lady bits will be strategically covered with body parts or objects. 

CAN i bring a friend?

We don't allow guests to accompany you.  This is a home studio and there really just isn't room to have an extra body in the room with us at all times. We have lots of reviews you can check out, and you can ask about me in the facebook group if you have any concerns! You are safe here, I am the only person home during sessions, and hair and make up takes two hours so you have some time to get to know me while there is another person here.

Do i have to buy something?

We do have a minimum purchase requirement which comes to $750. Our clients typically purchase the Luxury or Heirloom collections which you can find on our pricing page here.  We do offer prepayment plans where you can break up the costs over time and make monthly payments on a collection.  All purchases must be made on the day of the session, images that are not purchased are deleted. 

How far in advance do you book?

While we can occasionally accommodate a shorter notice booking. We do typically book 3-6 months in advance. If you are wanting your products for a special date then we recommend you schedule your session to happen at 4 weeks before the date (more if it is for an important event like a wedding).

What's in the client closet? Can I come try things on early?

We have over 500 items in our client closet and it is always growing! We carry items in the xs to 5x range.  We have bra and panty sets, (DD is the largest cup size we stock currently), lots of bodysuits, leather harnesses, fishnets, nipple covers among various other things.  If you would like to schedule a try on consultation you can do so for an additional fee (also available as a prepayment bonus item)- consultations are Monday-Friday at 5pm only. Otherwise we spend about 15 minutes before we start shooting trying on various items!

do my images have to be online?

Absolutely not! We have 4 options for model release. 1) Full release. 2) Full release, no nudes 3) Anonymous images only 4) No sharing at all!
We absolutely respect whatever decision it is you make.  We do appreciate even an anonymous release so we are able to have content to share (since that's how we get lots of business), but of course realize that you may choose to keep your images private which is understandable.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! We do! We send details out right after your session. You can earn referral credit after your session for things like leaving a review, adding friends to our facebook group, directly referring friends that book sessions and mention your name. You can use these credits to either book your next session, or purchase additional products from your session (with the images you have already chosen since we don't keep un purchased images).

My body isn't a boudoir body, Should I wait until it is?

ALL BODIES ARE BOUDOIR BODIES! If you have a body then it's worthy of honouring!  You don't wait to book your boudoir session until you love your body, you book your boudoir session so you will fall in love with it! That being said, having a boudoir session done can be an emotional experience, you may not be used to seeing yourself this way and it may be a little jarring at first and that's okay.  Take some deep breaths and talk through what you are feeling at your reveal, I'm here for you!  Boudoir can be an incredibly healing experience, that being said body dysmorphia is real, and I can not promise that a boudoir session is going to fix that for you., but it can be part of a healing journey!  

Can you edit me to be.....

Black Label Studio prides ourselves on not modifying bodies. We will not change your body shape or remove your wrinkles. Our rule of thumb is to only remove things that are non permanent - ie pimples, small bruises, recent cuts etc.  We want to be part of the movement that normalizes normal bodies, and normal body things like hip dips, cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks, textured skin etc.  We only do blemish removal and a minimal amount of skin smoothing.  You are perfect as you are and we have no intention of changing you!


feel like one!

Empowering everyone woman in every BODY. I believe all bodies deserve to be celebrated, in whatever stage of life you are in right now, your current body is a perfect body.  You, my friend are worthy!