1.   It is Empowering. This is enough of a reason, trust me!
2.  It's a step forward towards accepting and loving your body as it is. As women, body acceptance  can be a hard journey for some of us. A boudoir session can be such a therapeutic experience.
3.   Get's you out of your comfort zone. Great things happen outside of the comfort zone!
4.   You will look and feel like a goddess. Thanks to expert hair and make up, posing, lighting, styling, and just being your awesome self!
5.   Luxury products are a great gift for yourself! (or someone else I guess lol)
6.   A way to celebrate! Whether it's a birthday, weight loss, divorce, reaching self acceptance,  celebrating your body, celebrating a new post baby body, a new tattoo, making it through the last year, being alive....
7.   It lets you see yourself in a whole new way. Sometimes it's hard to look at ourselves and see ourselves as sexy, but wait until you see yourself through someone else's eyes.
8.   Confidence boost. Hearing how amazing you look for an entire day is sure to boost your                            confidence. Leave holding your head just a little bit higher.
9.    It's so much fun! The day is filled with fun and laughs.
10.  You deserve it! You deserve to be pampered, to feel like a goddess, to do something for yourself!

Top Reasons To Do a Boudoir Session


1. I need to lose weight first. This is the most common excuse that I hear for why someone isn't ready to book their session. Ask yourself, why do you need to wait to live your life? Your session is about way more than just the shape of your body. My job is to make you super comfortable so I can capture your genuine self - your laugh, the sparkle in your eye, your confidence - these are the thing that make you special. Your worth is not defined by your size, so don't let it keep you from living your best life.

2. I Don't Have Time.  We all know that the truth is that we make time for things that are important to us. If you really want to do it, then you will make the time for it.

3. Boudoir is expensive and I shouldn't spend that money on myself. Yes, boudoir isn't cheap (at least good boudoir isn't), but think of it as an investment in your self confidence. An investment in your self confidence IS an investment in your family, and in your future. Chances are a boudoir session is more attainable than you think. I have 4 packages that range in price, and I also offer pre payment plans and bonuses when you sign up for one! You can spread your payments out for 6 months before your session.

4. I don't have anything sexy to wear. Black Label studio offers an amazing client closet of lingerie ranging from xs-4xl. While we do recommend bringing 1-2 outfits of your own, you may not have to spend any money at all.  You could wear your favourite leather jacket with a bra (or nothing) underneath or your favourite concert t shirt with some fishnets, or a favourite cozy sweater with reading socks. There is also the option of using just the sheet as well!

5. I don't want pictures of myself on the internet. I take your privacy very seriously, and only post images with 100% consent from our clients. I understand that boudoir is a very personal experience, and not everyone want images of themselves that way shared on the internet.  There are several options for privacy including 100% private, only sharing anonymous images (that you won't be identified in), or sharing everything.

Myth Busting

People have a lot of objections when it comes to doing a session. So let's talk about them!


feel like one!

Empowering everyone woman in every BODY. I believe all bodies deserve to be celebrated, in whatever stage of life you are in right now, your current body is a perfect body.  You, my friend are worthy! 

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