Those who have gotten to know me a bit will probably know that Schitt’s Creek is my all time favourite show. During one episode Moira – an woman in her 60’s was asking a younger woman (Stevie) how to find her nudes on the internet (that she had taken on film years before the internet […]

Shoulder deep. That is how committed you have to be. You have to be willing to totally surrender– no matter what that means. You have to be invested in transformation, no matter how uncomfortable the journey. You have to deeply trust my process, how I do things, how I pose, what I’m asking of you. […]

Images from the beautiful Queen N’s session.

Images from the beautiful Queen B’s session

Black Label Studio is a place where everyone is welcome. I am a firm believe that every BODY is a worthy BODY. Boudoir is a lot more than a sexy photoshoot. It’s about self expression, and self love!